The UCC Bystander Intervention Programme has been adapted from the Intervention Initiative (Fenton, Mott, McCartan, & Rumney, 2014) which was created at the University of the West of England and funded by Public Health England. Further information on the Intervention Initiative can be foundĀ here

UCC Bystander Intervention

The Bystander Intervention Programme at UCC represents a response to the need to develop a range of complementary and strategic responses to the issue of sexual misconduct and violence among student populations. The Programme presents an opportunity to contribute to the University’s commitment to the delivery of strong student-focused support services, which address the physical, psychological, spiritual, social, cultural and welfare needs of students, by focusing on the students’ transition into UCC, their time in UCC and their transition out of UCC. A key aspect of this framework is the development of a progressive and effective culture around the issues of sexual misconduct and sexual violence at university. This workshop-based approach seeks to not only enhance knowledge and understanding, but also to lead to attitude and behavioural change across the university.

This evidence-based Programme has been adapted from the Intervention Initiative ((Fenton, Mott, McCartan, & Rumney, 2014) to suit the Irish context and is freely available for use in 3rd level settings. The evidence review used to develop this programme has been published by Public Health England and is available on the Intervention Initiative website.


The Programme

The Bystander Intervention Programme is currently being offered to all registered UCC students as a blended-learning course. Please see the Bystander Intervention Programme page for further information. Students can find registration details on the Programme Registration page.